The Tecklenborg shipyard website

The Tecklenborg shipyard was in operation in Bremerhaven and Geestemünde from 1845 to 1928. It began as the successor to the shipbuilding company Abegg & Co. which was founded in Bremerhaven in 1841 and gained an international reputation, mainly for its Geestemünde plant.

The shipyard was famous for its sailing ships, including polar research vessels and the largest full-rigged five-mast ship in the world. The launch way on the banks of the river Geeste saw the serial production of steam-powered fishing trawlers as well as the construction of a number of well-known passenger and freight steamers for Norddeutsche Lloyd and the Hamburg-America line.

For decades the shipyard was run by the Tecklenborg family who came from Bremen. At times Tecklenborg employed more than 4300 people. Significant new innovations originated from the shipyard, paving the way for new technical developments in shipbuilding and engineering.

The Historisches Museum Bremerhaven runs a research project devoted to the history of the shipyard. The Tecklenborg shipyard website presents an initial overview of the yard. The main feature of the site is the ship database which contains all the ships built by Tecklenborg. The website is managed and constantly expanded by the Historisches Museum Bremerhaven.

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