Journey back into the past and find out about the lives and work of the coast-dwellers in a lively and informative way. A complete historic shipyard, dock work scenes, a harbour pub, a fishmonger's shop and a fully-functioning steam-operated refrigeration machine used at the fishing port are just some of the fascinating reconstructions in the museum that bring the past back to life.

Continue your journey through the past by looking at the Second World War air-raid shelter, a makeshift kitchen from the early post-war years and a fully equipped 1950s cinema.

But it's not all modern history. You can travel back in time 120,000 years to the first traces of human settlement in the Elbe-Weser triangle. The most important gold treasure ever found in North Germany, valuable Roman vessels and reconstructions of urn graves and excavation sites all bear testimony to the early cultures that were at home here.