The permanent exhibition of the Historisches Museum Bremerhaven comprises seven sections on two levels.

Visitors are taken on a tour through time as they visit the three chronologically arranged sections, each with its own special themes. At the end of the historical exhibition, visitors can enjoy some artistic impressions of the area in the "Picture Gallery".

Bremerhaven and surroundings 1827–1927

This chronological section documents the first hundred years ...


Deep-sea fishing and the fishing industry

This is one of the three sections dealing with a special theme in Bremerhaven's  ...


Overseas port and dock work

The section "Overseas port and dock work" presents an overview of the historical ...


Shipyards and shipbuilding

This section presents the most important workplaces found ...


Bremerhaven and surroundings 1920–1960

This section presents a chronological overview of the period 1920 to ...


Treasures from the Elbe-Weser Triangle

This section gives an overview of the cultural anthropology and history ...


Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery with its exhibition of artistic impressions of ...