The Collection

The new concept for the Historisches Museum Bremerhaven involved a redefinition of the museum's focus of collection. The concept behind the collection is now to document comprehensively the history and development of the town and region.

The task of the museum is to collect items documenting the development of the region, from the pre- and early history and the first forms of human settlement in the region through to the political and social everyday life of modern Bremerhaven. Shipping and shipbuilding, deep-sea fishing and port history are of course central themes since the history and development of Bremerhaven can only be fully understood in this context.

History of the collection

At the end of the 19th century the local history association calling itself "The Men of  Morgenstern" put together a collection of prehistoric finds and ethnological objects, which formed the basis of the museum's collection. At the beginning of ...


Main topics

From the spectrum of the museum collection we present here eleven priorities.