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Bremerhaven - A port becomes town

An introduction to Bremerhaven's history

In a round tour through the section "Bremerhaven and surroundings 1827 and 1927" the pupils find out why Bremerhaven was founded and how it developed. Next they create a book with drawings and short notes to the town history. Finally the pupils use various instructional materials to demonstrate their knowledge in games.

for school classes 3-6


Mobile Interactive Museum II

"Bremerhaven and surroundings 1920-1960"

The Mobile Interactive Museum accompanies you during your visit to the museum and with the special topics "Third Reich" and/or Post-war (1945-1965). You receive folders with photographs and copies of historical documents as well as originals from the museum's collection and solve various problems. You spend time reading reports by contemporary witnesses, write short poems, analyse lyrics and listen to music.

for school classes 9-13


"class on tour"

The Historical Museum Bremerhaven is a co-operation partner of the project "Class on tour" of the German Bundesbahn Regio.

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